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Assault & Flattery


Although students enjoyed an informal collection of skits in 1952, the first official Assault & Flattery took place in 1953 as part of the first Program cover:  First Annual Law Day April 17, 1953 The University of Texas School of Law AustinLaw Day’s activities, and was organized by law student Ed Weiss. The revue (according to the 1963 playbill) aimed to “bring Faculty and students together for a night of mirth and frivolity.” In contrast to more recent performances such as Motion’s Eleven (2011), these early performances were known only as Assault & Flattery. Also unlike today’s show, the Assault & Flattery sketches of the 1950s consisted of a series of sketches put on by various law school organizations as part of a competition. Faculty performed a sketch as well.

Program 1959 (PDF)
Law Wives Skit 1959 (PDF)


Ticket: Sixth Annual Law Day Assault & Flattery followed by Barrister's Ball Friday April 25,1958 7:15-12p.m. Townes Hall $1.25

Winners of Assault & Flattery (1953-1959)
1953: Faculty
1954: Delta Theta Phi
1955: Law Wives
1956: Praetors
1957: Phi Alpha Delta
1959: Praetors

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