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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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Of the Obligations of the States.

Article 161. Each state is bound:

1st. To organize its government agreeably to the constitution and the constitutive act.

2d. To punish through their governors, their constitutions and laws.

3d. To cause the constitution and general laws of the Union to be observed, as well as all treaties made or to be made with foreign powers.

4th. To protect its inhabitants in the enjoyment of the liberty of writing, printing and publishing their political ideas, without license, or previous revision or approbation, causing however the laws relative to this matter to be duly observed.

5th. To surrender criminals to the governments of other states, claiming them.

6th. To surrender fugitives from other states to the persons justly claiming them or compel them in some other mode to satisfy the party interested.

7th. To contribute to the extinguishment of the debts acknowledged by congress.

8th. To send annually to each of the chambers of congress a circumstantial account of the receipts and expenditures of the treasuries in their respective districts, with the origin of each, the state of agriculture, commerce and manufactures, of the new modes of industry which might be usefully introduced and protected, as well as the population and the means of protecting and augmenting the same.

9th. To forward to the chambers, and in the recess of the council of government, and the executive power, a copy of their constitutions and laws.