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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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General Rules for Administration of Justice in the States and Territories of the Union.

Article 145. Each state shall give faith and credit to the acts, registers, and proceedings of the judges and other authorities of the other states, and congress shall establish a uniform law for proving such acts, registers, and proceedings.

Article 146. The penalty of infamy does not extend beyond the person punished.

Article 147. The confiscation of goods is forever abolished.

Article 148. All judgments by commissions and retroactive laws, are forever prohibited.

Article 149. No authority shall ever inflict the torture under any pretence.

Article 150. No one can be confined unless there be half proof or indications of his guilt.

Article 151. No one shall be detained on indications alone, for more than sixty hours.

Article 152. No authority can direct the seizure and registry of papers and effects in houses, except in cases and in the form expressly prescribed by law.

Article 153. No one is bound to accuse himself in criminal matters.

Article 154. The military and ecclesiastic remain subject to the same laws and tribunals as heretofore.

Article 155. No suit can be instituted, either for civil or criminal injury, without previous demand in conciliation.

Article 156. No one can be deprived of the right of terminating his differences before arbitrators chosen by each party, in every stage of the cause.