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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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Of the Attributes of the Supreme Court.

Article 137. The following are the attributes of the supreme court:

1st. To take cognisance of disputes, which may arise between the different states of the Union, whenever there arises litigation in relation to the same, requiring a formal decree, and that arising between a state and one or more of its inhabitants, or between individuals in relation to lands, under concessions from different states, without prejudice to the right of the parties to claim the concession from the party which granted it.

2d. To decide disputes which grow out of contracts and transactions between the supreme government and its agents.

3d. To consult upon the acceptance or refusal of papal bulls, letters and rescripts, granted on litigated points.

4th. Decide on the competency of the tribunals of the Union, and on conflicting jurisdictions between them and the state tribunals.

5th. To take cognisance:

Firstly. Of accusations against the president and vice-president according to articles 38 and 39, after the previous declaration of article 49.

Secondly. Of criminal prosecutions of the deputies and senators indicated in article 43, after the declaration spoken of in article 44.

Thirdly. Of those against the governors of the states in the cases mentioned in article 38, 3d part, after the declaration spoken of in article 40.

Fourthly. Of those against the secretaries of state agreeably to articles 38 and 40.

Fifthly. Of the civil and criminal affairs of the diplomatic agents and consuls of the republic.

Sixthly. Of causes in admiralty, prizes by land and water, and contraband; of crimes committed on the high seas; of offences against the united Mexican nation; of the officers of the treasury and justice of the Union; of infractions against the constitution and general laws, according to the dispositions of law.

Article 138. It shall be determined by law, in what manner the supreme court shall take cognisance of the cause mentioned in this section.