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Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas (1827)

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Executive Council.

ART. 121. For the better discharge of the duties of his office the governor shall have a body for consultation, to be styled Executive Council, which shall be composed of three voters proper, and two substitutes, of all whom one only can be an ecclesiastick.

ART. 122. For being a member of the council the same qualifications shall be required as for being a deputy. Those not eligible as deputies, cannot be councillors.

ART. 123. The council shall be renewed every two years, one voter proper, and one substitute, the last chosen, retiring in the first, the other members proper and the other substitute in the second instance, and so on successively.

ART. 124. No councillor can be re-elected until the fourth year from the expiration of his office.

ART. 125. When the vice governor attends the council he shall preside without having a vote, and in that case the vice governor shall not attend.

ART. 126. The secretary of the council shall be one of the members thereof, in the manner and form provided in its internal rules, which the council itself shall form and present to the executive, who shall transmit them to congress for approval.

ART. 127. The attributes of the council shall be as follows:

First,--To give the governor a written report in all business wherein the law imposes on the latter the duty of requesting the same, and in other matters wherein the governor himself thinks proper to consult said body.

Second,--Watch over the observance of the constitutive act, federal constitution, and general laws of the union, constitution and private laws of the state, apprizing congress of any violations it may observe.

Third,--Promote establishment of, and give activity to, all the branches of prosperity of the state.

Fourth,--Propose nominations of three for filling those offices, wherein the law exacts this requisite.

Fifth,--Concur with the permanent deputation agreeably to article 80, on the convocation of congress to extra session, and meet with said deputation for the temporary measures that may be necessary in those cases mentioned in article 90.

Sixth,--Explain the accounts of all the public funds, and transmit the same to congress for approval.

ART. 128. The council shall be responsible for all acts relating to the exercise of its attributes.