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Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas (1827)

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ART. 115. There shall likewise be a vice-governor in the state, having the same qualifications as those required for governor; his term of office four years, and he cannot be re-elected to the same office until on the fourth year from having ceased in his functions.

ART. 116. The vice governor shall preside over the council, but without having a vote, except in case of a tie. He shall also be the police chief of the department of the capitol; and when he officiates as governor the office of political chief shall be discharged by a substitute, whom he shall himself appoint provisionally with the approval of the council.

ART. 117 The vice-governor shall discharge the office of governor during its vacancy, or when the latter in the opinion of congress or the permanent deputation is impeded from serving.

ART. 118. When the vice-governor also fails, the councillor whom congress appoints shall act in the place of Governor. Should it be during recess, the appointment shall be made provisionally, until the meeting of congress, by the permanent deputation.

ART. 119. In case of decease or absolute impossibility during the two first years of exercising their functions, a new governor or vice-governor shall be chosen at the time of holding the next election for deputies to congress.

ART. 120. For crimes of any kind whatever, committed during his term of office, the vice-governor can be accused only before congress.