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How to reserve a room (rooms are for UT Law Community use only)

  1. Browse or Search for rooms.
  2. While browsing room list or viewing room details, click "Reserve this room".

Using the reservation form

  1. The weekly calendar is used to reserve times. Click on the day of the reservation on the weekly calendar of the reservation form.
  2. Select a time span for the reservation in the popup dialog and click "Select time". Your reservation will be displayed on the calendar.
  3. Optionally, click, drag/drop, and expand the reservation box to finalize your selection.
  4. Complete the remaining fields on the reservation form.
  5. Click the button labeled "Save reservation" in the "Actions" menu of the form. You will receive a confirmation email, and your reservation will be submitted for review. Requests are processed Monday-Friday. You will receive a reply when your reservation is approved or denied by an administrator.

Contact us

If you have questions please call the Law Library at 512-471-7726.