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The Papers of Justice Tom C. Clark

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Desegregation - Brown v. Board of Education, 1954

Thurgood Marshall, A. Maceo Smith and other

Center for American History, UT Austin DI Number 01668 Hickman (R.C.) Photographic Archive, 1949-1961, 1969 Thurgood Marshall, A. Maceo Smith and other

Selected Case Files

Docket Sheet

Bench Memorandum

Draft of per curium opinion concerning State of Kansas' failure to defend

Memorandum from Justice Frankfurter regarding “The Segregation Cases”

Memorandum from Justice Frankfurter to court discussing case

“Segregation Research Report” prepared by law clerks

Justice Clark's handwritten notes from oral argument

Law clerk's recommendations for segregation decree

Sheet with oral argument schedule and notation of briefs filed with the court

The Brown decision is one of the most important civil rights cases ever decided by the Supreme Court. The public school system of Topeka, Kansas (like many school systems in the nation) was legally segregated. Linda Brown, a student in an all-black elementary school, brought suit against the Board of Education of Topeka and claimed that racial segregation violated black students' constitutional guarantee of equal protection under the law. The Supreme Court agreed and struck down racially segregated schools as unconstitutional. In so doing, the court rejected the doctrine of "separate but equal," which had allowed racially segregated facilities to exist as long as "equal" facilities were made available to African-Americans.

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