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Insurance Law

A guide to secondary, primary, and interdisciplinary sources on insurance law.

Statutes and Model Laws and Regulations

Vernon's Texas Code Annotated--Insurance Code: KFT 1230.5 V4 I57

NAIC Model Insurance Laws, Regulations and Guidelines: KF 1165 N35

Sources for 50 State Surveys of Statutes and Regulations

It can be useful to compare and contrast laws between states. If you are lucky, someone may already have done a fifty state survey on your topic. To see if a survey already exists, check out these resources:

Administrative Law

Rules, regulations, and bulletins -

  • Texas Register - Weekly publication of proposed and final rules, gubernatorial appointments, notices of meetings, and other items concerning Texas agencies. Quarterly indexes are later combined into a yearly index.
  • Texas Administrative Code (TAC) - Final rules first published in the Texas Register arranged by subject. Published yearly in softbound volumes. Insurance regulations are codified at Title 28
    • To update the TAC:
      • Look at the title page of the volume to determine the date through which the volume is current.
      • Check the most recent cumulative quarterly index of the Texas Register covering the time since the TAC volume was published. The section of the index titled "TAC Titles Affected" will give the citation to the Texas Register where there has been an actual or proposed change.
      • For those months not covered by the Texas Register index, check weekly issues of the Texas Register for the time period not covered by the index.
    • Online: Texas Secretary of State website
    • Print:
      • KFT 1234.5 O43 [full code] 
      • Texas Regulations [compilation on insurance]: KFT 1385 A4
        • Title 28
        • Also includes: selected bulletins of the State Board of Insurance and selected Attorney General opinions
  • Commissioner of Insurance Bulletins: Online

Texas attorney general - The attorney general is charged with, among other things, defending the constitution and laws of Texas and representing the state in litigation. Part of fulfilling these responsibilities involves serving as general counsel for the governor, the legislature, and the agencies of the state. As provided by statute, the attorney general issues letter opinions when requested by officers and agencies of the state.

An Opinion Committee responds to requests from state officials for official opinions regarding different issues. These opinions, while not binding, are considered very persuasive by Texas courts when interpreting state laws.

  • Formal Opinions concern issues that will be of interest to people throughout the state. Opinions have an alpha-numeric format - the initials of the attorney general followed by the number of the opinion in sequence. Ex. DM-49 is the forty-ninth opinion of Attorney General Dan Morales.

For more information on finding attorney general materials, see the Finding Texas Law in the Tarlton Law Library guide.