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Insurance Law

A guide to secondary, primary, and interdisciplinary sources on insurance law.


New editions of print titles arrive all the time, so be sure to double check TALLONS, the online catalog, for the most recent version. Also, check out Tarlton's Study Aids guide for titles on insurance.


  • Couch on Insurance: Westlaw (login required)
  • New Appleman Insurance Law Practice Guide: Lexis (login required) and KF 1164 A762
  • New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition: Lexis (login required) and KF 1164 A76
    • Gradually replacing Holmes's Appleman on Insurance (KF 1164 A76) and Appleman's Insurance Law and Practice, with Forms (KF 1164 A76), which share a combined database on Lexis (login required).
    • Contains New Appleman on Insurance: Current Critical Issues in Insurance Law: Lexis (login required) and KF 1164 A76


  • Bad Faith:
    • Bad Faith Actions Liability & Damages: Westlaw (login required)
    • Litigation and Prevention of Insurer Bad Faith: Westlaw (login required)
    • New Appleman Insurance Bad Faith Litigation: Lexis (login required)
  • Insurance Activities of Banks: Westlaw (login required)
  • Insurance Claims & Disputes: Representation of Insurance Companies & Insureds: Westlaw (login required) and KF 1164 W56
  • Insurance Risk and Management for State & Local Governments: Lexis (login required)
  • Law and Practice of Insurance Coverage Litigation: Westlaw (login required) 
  • Law of Commercial Insurance Agents and Brokers: Westlaw (login required)
  • Law of Liability Insurance: Lexis (login required)
  • Law of Reinsurance: Westlaw (login required)
  • Responsibilities of Insurance Agents and Brokers: Lexis (login required)

By Type of Insurance:

  • Automobile/Transportation:
    • Automobile Liability Insurance: Westlaw (login required)
    • Claim Adjuster's Automobile Liability Handbook: Westlaw (login required)
    • No-Fault and Uninsured Motorist Automobile Insurance: Lexis (login required)
    • Transportation Safety and Insurance Law: Lexis (login required)
    • Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance: Lexis (login required)
  • Business/Corporations:
    • Business Insurance Law and Practice Guide: Lexis (login required)
    • Business Law Monographs: Insurance: Lexis (login required)
    • Director & Officer Liability: Indemnification and Insurance: Westlaw (login required)
    • The Law of Corporate Officers and Directors: Indemnification and Insurance: KF 1423 B57 and Westlaw (login required)
  • Construction:  
    • Construction Insurance: Coverages and Disputes: Lexis (login required)
    • Insurance Coverage of Construction Disputes: Westlaw (login required)
  • Environmental:
    • CAT Claims: Insurance Coverage for Natural and Man-Made Disasters: Westlaw (login required)
    • Environmental Insurance Litigation: Law and Practice: Westlaw (login required)
    • Insurance Coverage for Environmental Claims: Lexis (login required)
  • Life and Health:
    • Federal Income Tax of Life Insurance Companies: Lexis (login required)
    • Life and Health Insurance Law: Westlaw (login required)
    • Law of Life and Health Insurance: Lexis (login required)
  • Real Property: Insuring Real Property: Lexis (login required)
  • Title Insurance:  

Texas Insurance Materials


  • Texas Practice Guide: Insurance Litigation: Westlaw (login required) and KFT 1385 K56
  • Texas Title Insurance: Westlaw (login required)

Texas CLE Materials:


In addition to these resources listed below, the treatises above may also contain forms.

  • Couch on Insurance 3d: Forms: Westlaw (login required)
  • Federal Procedural Forms: Westlaw (login required)
  • Miller's Standard Insurance Policies Annotated: KF 1160 M54
  • Multistate Insurance Defense Forms, Clauses & Checklists: Westlaw (login required)
  • ODEN Forms: Westlaw (Materials from State Insurance Commissioners' Offices, State websites or from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).) (login required)
  • Texas Legal Practice Forms: Westlaw (login required)
  • Texas Insurance Defense Forms, Clauses & Checklists: Westlaw (login required)
  • Texas Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms 2d - Chapter 144. Insurance: Westlaw (login required)

For additional form books for Texas, see the section on form books in the related Tarlton guide, "Finding Texas Law."