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U.S. Supreme Court

A great place to start your research on the U.S. Supreme Court and its decisions.


Appellate Practice

  • ABA's Appellate Practice Compendium: KF 9050 A935 2012
  • ABA’s A Practitioner's Guide to Appellate Advocacy: KF 9050 P73 2010
  • Bloomberg Law’s Supreme Court Practice: KF9057 S8 2019
    • Considered to be the essential treatise on the Court
  • Bloomberg Law’s Federal Appellate Practice: online only (Final chapter on S. Ct.)
  • Childress & Davis, Federal Standards of Review: on Lexis
  • PLI’s Principles of Appellate Litigation: (Ch. 10 on S. Ct.)
  • West's Federal Appeals: Jurisdiction and Practice: Westlaw and KF 9050 T54 1999
  • West’s Supreme Court and Appellate Advocacy, 2d: KF 8870 F74 2010

Statutory Interpretation

  • Mastering Statutory Interpretation by Linda D. Jellum: KF 425 J446 2013
    • Introductory work to the methods of interpreting statutes
  • Sutherland Statutes and Statutory Construction

For further related materials, search the catalog TALLONS by subject for:


West’s Federal Forms: (Vols. 1-3 for Supreme Court by Bennett Boskey)

Law Reviews


Options for tracking new content include:

  1. setting up alerts for new content from individual law reviews (such as on Lexis or Westlaw), or
  2. setting up an alert for the Current Index to Legal Periodicals on HeinOnline.   

Current Index to Legal Periodicals (CILP):

  • Way to track latest law review articles
  • Weekly; precedes publication in other indexes by 2 months
  • Topics include: Constitutional Law, Courts, 1st Amendment, 14th Amendment, Judges, Jurisprudence, Practice and Procedure