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Reusable Content: Faculty Publications Archive

Faculty Publications Newsletter

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An Archive of Past Issues beginning in 1999 is available through the University's digital repository, Texas ScholarWorks.

The newsletter Faculty Publications-UT Law is published on a monthly basis as a serial bibliography of faculty publications. Material published as scholarly and popular books, book chapters, articles, audio/visual productions, book reviews and similar contributions all appear in the newsletter -- forthcoming works are not listed. Typically the current month's newsletter includes the previous months' new citations. As a courtesy, the new publications are added to faculty profiles at the same time.

For additional information about submitting faculty publications please see our faculty publications guidelines below.

Faculty Publications Guidelines

Faculty Publications Newsletter

Molly Brownfield, Interim Head of Archives and Special Collections, compiles Faculty Publications Newsletter each month. 

Matt Steinke, Assistant Director for Public Services, distributes the newsletter electronically each month.

Only citations for formally published, recent works (typically within the past year) are accepted for the Newsletter.  Eligible works include scholarly and popular books, book chapters, journal and newspaper articles, audio/visual productions, book reviews, edited works, and similar contributions. Works pending publication are not included. For example, a book manuscript accepted for publication in May 2015 but due out in October 2015 would not be eligible for the Newsletter until October 2015.

White papers, interviews, unpublished conference papers, articles about but not by a faculty member, and similar works are not candidates for inclusion in the Newsletter.  

All citations should be formatted in accordance with the adjusted Blue Book style used in previous versions of the Faculty Publications Newsletter.   Previous editions of the Faculty Publications Newsletter may be viewed at the University of Texas’ Digital Repository.

Please direct citation submissions and questions regarding the Faculty Publications Newsletter to Molly Brownfield at

Faculty Publications Archive

The Faculty Publications Archive is an archival collection in the Tarlton Law Library's Department of Archives and Special Collections that serves as the permanent record of the intellectual output of each University of Texas School of Law faculty member, and of the School of Law as a whole. Beginning with the Law Department's earliest professors, Oran M. Roberts and Robert S. Gould, the Faculty Writings Collection has collected and preserved works from the School of Law's faculty.

The Faculty Publications Archive contains scholarly or popular books, articles, and any other formally published material from faculty members of the University of Texas School of Law. Housed in Archives and Special Collections, the collection has over 4,000 works, with the earliest works being from the 1880s. At least one copy of each of the publications in the Faculty Publications Archive was donated by faculty authors, either for display or directly to the Faculty Writings Collection. The library does not purchase publications for the Archive.

Donations may be submitted in one of several ways. Materials may be dropped off at the library's circulation desk; they may be given to the faculty member's library liaison; they may be placed in the library's drawer in the Communications Center; they may be delivered directly to the Department of Archives and Special Collections; or they may be delivered to Molly Brownfield. In any case, the items should be clearly marked as being for the Faculty Writings Collection.

If you have questions or suggestions about this page, please contact the Archives and Special Collections Department.