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Entertainment Suggestions

This guide is meant to provide entertainment suggestions during COVID-19.

Quizzes and Trivia

After a couple of months sheltering-in-place, working from home, and otherwise generally avoiding the outside world, most of us have likely had time to wonder just who we are and what we’re doing on this earth.

I can’t help you with that.

But people who spend a lot of time thinking about quizzes tell us that even the innocent-looking ones we see on our Facebook Feed (Which Harry Potter Character Are You? or  The Ambition Test) help us understand ourselves and may lend insight into those existential questions. Plus, they’re fun. And that is why we present a selection of quizzes and trivia questions today. All should help you fill some time this weekend, whether you take a quiz by yourself or use the questions as a trivia game with friends. They’re entertaining and you might learn something new. If you come to know yourself better it will be a bonus.




Quizzes/Trivia on a Subject:

If you enjoy birding quizzes, there is a huge variety here.

If you enjoy Shakespeare-based quizzes, here is the mother lode!


If you are looking for quizzes to entertain your children, National Geographic Kids has you covered. There are dozens of quizzes here and most will challenge parents as well as kids.

If your appetite is whetted, large collections of both general and subject-specific quizzes and trivia can be found here and here.

And if you are really inspired and want to become a quiz maker in your own right, here’s how to do it: How to Make a Buzzfeed Style Quiz People Love.