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Online Law Student Tour of the Tarlton Law Library

Tech Desk



  • The Tech Desk is located on the third floor, near the stairwell. The top photo is of the Tech Desk window, and the bottom photo is a side view of the Tech Desk.
  • Law students can contact the Tech Desk for computer or technology assistance, including issues with hardware, questions about printing or wifi, and help installing exam software.
  • The Tech Desk's hours are available here. Law students can reach the Tech Desk during operating hours in person, by calling, or by email.
  • You can find more information about the Tech Desk and related technology resources here.




Computer Lab





  • The computer lab has multiple desktop computers, both Macs and Dells, for the exclusive use of law students. 
  • If you do not own a computer, did not bring a laptop to campus, or otherwise need to use a computer while in the library, you are welcome to use these computers.
  • When using the computer lab, remember to regularly save your work to the cloud or a backup device because you cannot save your work to the computers' hard drives.
  • Some computers have software programs installed that you may need for your courses or other purposes.


Computer Classroom






  • The computer classroom is located on the third floor, across from the computer lab.
  • The Advanced Legal Research courses, which are taught by Tarlton's reference librarians, are held in the computer classroom. In addition, some of the first year legal research and writing courses may hold research trainings in the computer classroom.
  • The computer classroom contains 11 Dell desktop computers and has overhead projectors for instructional purposes. Law students can also use their personal laptops instead of the classroom computers.


Student Collaborative Study Space





  • The Student Collaborative Study Space is located on the third floor.
  • Law students, on a first come, first served basis, can use the Student Collaborative Study Space to work together with their classmates in study groups or on projects. The room is furnished with movable and adjustable furniture and includes white boards to facilitate group discussion.
  • Because law students can talk to each other in the Student Collaborative Study Space, it is not meant for quiet study. If you need quiet space for silent study, there is ample study space throughout the library.


3rd Floor Stacks




  • The books that are located on the third floor consist primarily of interdisciplinary books and foreign and international materials.
  • The interdisciplinary books are not directly about the law, but can still be relevant to legal scholarship. These can be books on economics, history, finance, psychology, sociology, or other related fields.
  • The foreign and international materials consist primarily of public international law, the law of other countries, and the law of private international transactions. The foreign and international collection contains both primary and secondary sources. Tarlton's foreign and international collection is particularly strong in European Union and Latin American materials. Law students can email Jonathan Pratter, Tarlton's foreign and international law expert, if they need assistance using these specific materials.