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Texas Legislative History Research

A guide to walk you through the process of compiling legislative history of Texas legislation

Helpful Sources on LexisNexis

**Please note:  LexisNexis may not have complete historical references and notes for Texas legislation.  Also, be careful to check coverage dates on each database that you use to determine how current the information is.

The following LexisNexis database sources may be helpful when doing legislative history research:

Texas Legislative Bill History
This database provides helpful insight into history of a bill, resolution, or other form of legislation.  Available legislative history types are bill analyses, fiscal notes, and governor's messages.  Coverage begins in 2003, and the database is updated within one day of publication.

Texas Bill Tracking Reports
This database contains a summary and legislative chronology of all pending Texas legislation in the current legislative session.Changes made to bills during the legislative process are not reflected in the SYNOPSIS section of the bill tracking report. Consequently, the full text of the bill should be consulted and reviewed for any changes to the language of the bill.  Covers only the current legislative session; updated within two days of publication.

Texas Full-Text Bills
This database contains the full text of bills pending in the Texas state legislature.  The database covers only bills pending in the current legislative session, and is updated within three weeks fo publication.

Texas Bill Tracking and Full-Text Bills
Offers combined searching of both the Texas Bill Tracking Reports and Texas Full-Text Bills databases.

Texas Advanced Legislative Service
This database contains the full text of all laws enacted during a legislative session. The database offers complete coverage of the legislative sessions from 1987-2009, and will be updated during the next legislative session.

Texas Statutes and Codes Annotated
This database contains the statutory code from the Texas Statutes and Codes.  These include all laws of a general and permanent nature, as enacted by the Texas Legislature.  Annotations are updated quarterly.