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Federal Tax Research Guide

A guide to conducting federal tax research.

Tax Treaties

The United States has entered into bilateral tax treaties with many countries in order to mitigate double taxation and prevent fraud and tax evasion.

Copies of the treaties are available electronically from the IRS's website or via CCH Intelliconnect. They are also available in print in CCH's Tax Treaties. Note that CCH Intelliconnect and CCH's Tax Treaties are updated more frequently than the IRS's website.

For the legislative history of a bilateral tax treaty or to trace pending treaty consideration in the Senate, please consult

Foreign Tax Law

For treatises in English on foreign tax law, please search TALLONS for materials on specific countries. For example, do a subject search on Taxation -- Great Britain.

BNA Tax Management Portfolios have volumes summarizing the tax and business laws of specific countries. These volumes generally have information regarding:

  • Tax rates
  • Business formation
  • The business forms available in the country, including corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies
  • An overview of the law
  • Useful worksheets, including copies of the bilateral tax treaties, business formation forms, and tax forms.

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