Tarlton Law Library has a long history of specialized publications. Three series are produced in Special Collections: The Legal History Series, The Oral History Series, and the Faculty Publications Newsletter.

The Legal History Series

Image from SachsenspiegelNow closely associated with the annual Rare Books Lecture, the Tarlton Law Library Legal History Series is celebrating its tenth year in production. In the preface to the inaugural volume -- Guillermo Margadant, Illustrations of the Sachsenspiegel: A Medieval German Law Book -- former director Roy Mersky expressed the hope that the series would inspire "exploration of the rich sources of our legal heritage," and that the series itself demonstrate the "importance of libraries and archives to legal history."

New! No. 14 - Eric M. White, Evidence from the Fifteenth Century:
The Tarlton Law Library’s Earliest Printed Books
Austin: Jamail Center for Legal Research, 2014. Press release

Series editor: Elizabeth Haluska-Rausch

Image from Eike von Repgow. Sachsenspiegel: die Wolfenbütteler Bilderhandschrift Cod. Guelf. 3.1 Aug. 2. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 1993. Facsimile in Special Collections.

The Oral History Series

In 1986, Tarlton Law Library began collecting and publishing the oral histories of oustanding alumni and faculty members. In 2005 it became clear that the collection warranted its own series, and with the publication of an interview with alumnus Joe Jamail (UT Law 1953), the series was born. Each year the library strives to add two edited volumes to this growing collection, and so preserve the history and legacy of outstanding members of the UT Law School community in their own words.

New! No. 17 Custis Wright: An Oral History Interview. Megan M. Blair, interviewer. Austin: Jamail Center for Legal Research, 2014  Press release.

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Faculty Publication Newsletter

The newsletter Faculty Publications-UT Law is published on a monthly basis as a serial bibliography of faculty publications. Material published as scholarly and popular books, book chapters, articles, audio/visual productions, book reviews and similar contributions all appear in the newsletter -- forthcoming works are not listed. Typically the current month's newsletter includes the previous months new citations. As a courtesy, the new publications are added to faculty profiles at the same time.

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