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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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Of the Council of the Government.

Article 113. During the recess of Congress there shall be a Council of Government composed of half the senate, one from each state.

Article 114. For the first two years the council shall be composed of those first elected by their respective legislatures, and in the sequel by the oldest.

Article 115. The Vice President shall be president of the council, and he shall appoint according to his own regulation a president pro tempore to discharge his functions in his absence.

Article 116. The attributes of this council shall be as follows:

1st. To watch over the observance of the constitution and the constitutive act and general laws, keeping a record of all incidents relating to this subject.

2d. To make such observations to the President as they deem useful to the accomplishment of the constitution and laws of the Union.

3d. To require, of their own accord, or at the request of the President, extra sessions of Congress, but in such cases two-thirds of the members present must concur, according to the 17th and 18th power of article 110.

4th. Give their consent for using the local militia, according to the 9th power of article 110.

5th. Approve of the appointments mention in the 6th power of article 110.

6th. Give its consent in the case of article 112, 1st power.

7th. Appoint two individuals, who jointly with the president of the supreme court, shall exercise provisionally the supreme executive power, according to article 97.

8th. To receive the oath of article 101, from the individuals of the supreme executive power, in the cases mentioned in the constitution.

9th. To give their opinion in the consultation with the President, according to the 21st power of article 110, and on other subjects on which he may consult them.