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Federal Constitution of the United Mexican States (1824)

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Of the Prerogatives of the President and Vice President.

Article 105. The president may propose to congress such new laws or reform in old laws as he may think conducive to the general good, by proposing them to the chamber of deputies.

Article 106. The president may once, within ten working days, make observations on laws and decrees passed by the general congress, and suspend their publication until the resolution of congress, except in cases provided for by the constitution.

Article 107. The president, while he remains in office, can only be accused before one of the chambers, and only for the offences mentioned in the 38th article, and committed at the time therein specified.

Article 108. Within one year, counting from the time at which the office of the president ceases, he cannot be accused except before the chambers, for offences mentioned in the 38th article, as well as for all others committed during the time he was in office. When the years is passed, he cannot be accused for such offences.

Article 109. The vice president, during the four years of his employment, can only be accused before the chamber of deputies for an offence committed during the time of such employment.