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Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas (1827)

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ART. 139. The despatch of all business whatever pertaining to the executive department of the state shall be under the charge of a secretary, to be styled Secretary of State.

ART. 140. For holding said office, it shall be required to be a citizen in the exercise of his rights, over twenty-five years of age, a native of this republic, an inhabitant of this state, with three years residence therein, and one year immediately preceding his election. Ecclesiastics cannot hold said office.

ART. 141. All laws, degrees, orders regulations and instructions circulated to the towns, or directed by the governor to a particular corporation or person, as well as copies emanating from the department shall be authorized by the secretary, and without this requisite they shall not be obeyed or be productive of faith.

ART. 142. The secretary shall be responsible with his person and office for whatever he authorizes with his signature contrary to the constitutive act, the constitution and general laws of the union, or private constitution and laws of the state, and orders of the president of the republic not manifestly opposed to said constitutions and laws, without availing him as an excuse, his having done so by order of the governor.

ART. 143. For the internal administration of his office the rules which the secretary shall form, and congress approve, shall be observed.

ART. 144. Said public officer, also the governor, vice-governor and councillors shall cease, during their trust, to discharge the duties of any public stations they were filling, as soon as they have taken possession of office.