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Constitution of the State of Coahuila and Texas (1827)

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Election of Governor, Vice-Governor and Councillors.

ART. 129. On the day following the election of deputies to congress each and every electoral district judge junta shall choose a governor, vice governor, three councillors proper and two substitutes, holding said election in the mode and manner provided in articles 71, 72, 73, and 74.

ART. 130. Said election having closed, a list signed by the secretary of the assembly, comprising the names of the persons elected and offices for which they were chosen, shall be immediately posted in the most public place. The acts shall be signed by the president and electors, and attested copies thereof authorized by the said president, secretary and tellers shall be transmitted, enclosed in a certified sheet, to the standing deputation.

ART. 131. On the day the first ordinary sessions of congress are opened, the ex-president of the standing deputation shall present the aforementioned attested copies, and after they are read, congress shall choose a committee from its own body, to which they shall be referred, that said committee may review the same and report thereon on the third day.

ART. 132. On said day congress shall proceed to determine the elections made by the districts, and compute the votes.

ART. 133. The person who receives the absolute majority of votes of the district electoral assemblies, to be computed according to the whole number of voters composing the same, shall be governor, vice governor, or councillor, as the election under consideration may be.

ART. 134. Should not person receive the aforesaid majority, congress shall elect for said offices one of the two or more individuals having the highest number of votes; and the same shall be done when no one has said respective majority, but all an equal number of votes.

ART. 135. Should one person only receive the respective majority, and two or more an equal number of votes, but greater than that of all the others, congress shall elect one individual from among the former, to be run in competition for the election, with the person who received the respective majority.

ART. 136. In case of time the balloting shall be repeated once only, and should there still be a tie it shall be determined by lot.

ART. 137. The offices of governor, vice-governor and councillors shall be discharged in preference to any other whatever in the state, and shall successively have the same preference among themselves. Those elected to said stations shall take possession thereof on the first of March, and they cannot decline serving, except the deputies to congress at the time of election, and those who, in the judgment of said congress, are morally or physically disabled.

ART. 138. Should the governor elect from any cause, not be present on said day to enter on the performance of his functions, the vice-governor newly chosen shall enter on the discharge of the office, and should he also be absent, his default shall be supplied agreeably to article 118.